An ancient millstone at the foot of the Etna Mount, which belongs to the Castiglione di Sicilia Municipality and the fraction of Rovittello, has undergone a patient restructuring and recovery by the Fischetti Family, whose aim is to restore the old charm. The enclosed vineyard is situated around 650 metres from the sea level. The traditional sapling plantation allows the exclusive manual workmanship throughout the year. Our plantation is composed exclusively by indigenous vines of the Etna Mount, which are 80 years old on average, and which present numerous ultra centennial subjects of the pre-phyloxera period; these are the roots for the Etna’s D.O.C. production (high quality wines). Our motto represents the taste and the quality derived from one of the most beautiful territories in the world, which is, since 2013, a worldwide UNESCO heritage. Our mission is to extract the best of what we dispose, and having an important experience in the field of Etna D.O.C., we point at offering something to remember and not just a mere momentary pleasure; simply an authentic and proper fragment of an admirable volcano.